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Welcome to the site of SLII,


          Industrial Insulation Company Lillebonnaise

  • Over and above an industrial requirement for the processes related to temperature control, one topic has risen to the fore again and has become more relevant than ever. Who has not heard the appeals to save energy and to protect the environment? Sooner or later each of us must reflect on how to respond to the many messages put out by the media. However, quite apart from this steady stream of messages, there is an economic reality, driven by worldwide expectations, and a debate which has never been so topical. 

    Chairman and Managing Director of SLII 

  • The aims of industrial thermal insulation:

    • Energy conservation
    • Temperature control 
    • Anti-condensation 
    • Frost protection
    • Comfort and safety 
  • As an industry leader 
    in the supply of scaffolding or lagging for storage tanks and gas storage spheres, our teams’ expertise in this field will ensure that all projects are carried out in accordance with industry standards and meet all the safety requirements.






  • A specialist in industrial thermal insulation and scaffolding

    We can install multidirectional or facade scaffolding to provide solutions for working safely at heights, compliant with the applicable regulations.

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